Friday, April 4, 2014

My Wrestlemania 30 prediction - CM Punk returns

Daniel Bryan wins the WWE World Heavyweight championship, after defeating Triple H via interference from..... CM Punk!

Yes, I'm predicting that CM Punk returns at Wrestlemania 30. 

In fact, I think the entire CM Punk situation has been a work. Think about it. 

Bryan doesn't get into the Rumble and the fans crap all over the match. 

Bryan takes to Twitter to start the "Yes" movement. 

Punk suddenly vanishes after the Royal Rumble, apparently due to Bryan not being in the Rumble and winning it. 

Orton and Batista is booked as the main event, and everyone hates it. Batista isn't over. Orton isn't over. It seems like the dumbest main event in the history of Wrestlemania. It is. 

Finally, Bryan gets the opportunity to get in the main event by beating Triple H. 

This all seems like a last minute fix for terrible booking, but what if it was all a carefully planned to spawn hate, knowing that the eventual righting of the ship would draw tremendous interest. That's what's happening now. People,are interest to see how this mess is fixed. 

If Punk shows up on Sunday, then you can bet that all of this terrible booking was on purpose. To create genuine surprise at the biggest show of them all. 

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