Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank predictions

This Sunday, CM Punk will leave the WWE, but not before his championship match with John Cena. Punk has vowed to leave the company with the WWE championship. Vince McMahon has stated that if CM Punk walks out of Chicago with the WWE title, John Cena will be fired.

With a setup like that, most fans are expecting Cena to breeze through Punk, keeping his title, his job, and sending Punk out to pasture. That would be the standard, predictable WWE way. But Punk has changed the game.

Here is my prediction: Cena drops the belt to Punk. As Punk celebrates his victory and mocks the crowd, Alberto Del Rio makes his entrance to cash in the Money in the Bank contract that he wins previously in the night. This would be a nice way to set up Del Rio and Cena for Summerslam, with the angle that Del Rio saved Cena's job, but Cena needs to win the belt in order to have it for his Wrestlemania match with the Rock.

Or better yet, Del Rio challenges for the belt and then loses. He's always saying that it is his destiny to win the title, and he keeps coming up short. This would be another opportunity for him to come up short, and also make him be the first person to lose while cashing in Money in the Bank.

This would set up the winner of the Smackdown Money in the Bank match to come out and challenge Punk to yet a third match in the night, which he will finally lose. This will keep Cena's job, take the title of Punk, and send the crowd home happy. To make it even better, have the winner of the Smackdown match be Daniel Bryan. Have Bryan and Punk put on a wrestling clinic in Punk's last match and put the belt on Bryan.

Yes, I know that last one is a pipe dream that will never happen, but it's nice to use my imagination every now and then.