Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WWE stole my camera!

Ok, so they did give it back, but I still wasn't happy about it. I had seats practically on the floor for the Tuesday Smackdown tapings (spoilers provided by yours truly can be found on http://www.prowrestling.net/). I pulled out my Canon Rebel xti with my zoom lens to see how close to the action I could get, and sure enough, I could zoom right into the turnbuckle. These were going to be some of my best wrestling pics yet.
Until the security came up to me and told me I had to take my "professional" camera to the check area.
I said, "what?" Again, he told me I had to check my camera. He said it's because it has a detachable lens and is considered "professional."
Grudgingly, I did as I was told as he escorted me to the service desk to check my camera.
I was pissed. I pulled the camera out right after the WWE announcement that photography was ok for personal use, just no video or audio recording.
Thanks to the WWE and their no "professional" camera policy, this was the best picture I could get.
Hey, don't get mr wrong, I love my iPhone, but the camera sucks compared to my Rebel. I just wanted to take some great pictures as I find they make the best souvenirs. I've sat front row at WWE house shows and TNA TV tapings with the exact same camera and never had a problem.
I was happy with the show overall, but very disappointed in this policy.
Fair warning to everyone, if you're going to a WWE show, don't bother bringing a good camera.

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  1. That's odd, I was just at Raw the night before and had a my Nikon D3100 (I was in row 6 on the floor. Never had any issues, but I know (from a concert I just attended) that the stadium is okay with lenses that are ~70mm or less. I was using my 18-55mm. Not great but not bad either. That's just too bad.