Friday, April 4, 2014

My Wrestlemania 30 prediction - CM Punk returns

Daniel Bryan wins the WWE World Heavyweight championship, after defeating Triple H via interference from..... CM Punk!

Yes, I'm predicting that CM Punk returns at Wrestlemania 30. 

In fact, I think the entire CM Punk situation has been a work. Think about it. 

Bryan doesn't get into the Rumble and the fans crap all over the match. 

Bryan takes to Twitter to start the "Yes" movement. 

Punk suddenly vanishes after the Royal Rumble, apparently due to Bryan not being in the Rumble and winning it. 

Orton and Batista is booked as the main event, and everyone hates it. Batista isn't over. Orton isn't over. It seems like the dumbest main event in the history of Wrestlemania. It is. 

Finally, Bryan gets the opportunity to get in the main event by beating Triple H. 

This all seems like a last minute fix for terrible booking, but what if it was all a carefully planned to spawn hate, knowing that the eventual righting of the ship would draw tremendous interest. That's what's happening now. People,are interest to see how this mess is fixed. 

If Punk shows up on Sunday, then you can bet that all of this terrible booking was on purpose. To create genuine surprise at the biggest show of them all. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WWE Network - Finally, someone gets it!

It's about damn time!

The WWE just announced their network, and it's about time that someone FINALLY understands what customers want!

The WWE network will be a live 24/7 streaming channel, distributed through the WWE website as well as apps for iOS, Android, PS3/4, XBox 360/One, Roku and various smart TV's.

WWE is going straight to the customer with this, charging only $9.99 a month. Why is $9.99 a month such a big deal? Because it includes all 12 of the monthly WWE pay-per-views, which if ordered with your traditional cable or satellite provider would cost over $600 per year. That's a pretty huge savings.

In addition to the live content, the network will also feature on demand programming from the extensive WWE video library. To start, fans will have access to every single WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-view event. Again, HUGE!

They said multiple times that the content from the video library would be uncut and uncensored. Let's hope so, especially with the more extreme ECW pay-per-views. WWE has really toned it down in the past few years, which left me with the fear that they would censor quite a bit of the late 90's content, but this statement from their FAQ has given me hope:
"26. Will all content on WWE Network be PG?WWE Network will contain a range of programming suitable for various audiences.  Content rated TV-14 or TV-MA will be preceded by appropriate advisory messages recommending viewer discretion.  Parental controls will be available for on-demand content." FAQ

Even though the network isn't launching in Canada right away (we have to wait until the end of the year / early next year) I'm pretty excited about this announcement.

WWE Network - Announcement Tonight!

The WWE is FINALLY going to announce their plans for the WWE network tonight, live from CES in Las Vegas. With any luck, we won't get a cheesy RAW Roulette wheel to determine the networks stipulations.
My hope for the network is a Netflix style online network. It makes the most sense for the WWE for the following reasons.

  1. They have complete control. No cable or satellite providers getting in the way trying to take a cut of the revenue. No negotiating a long term deal. Whatever they want to show, and whenever they want to show it, is on the network.
  2. They have a massive library of content. WWE didn't buy the WCW, ECW, Stamped Wrestling and other wrestling libraries for nothing. They have over 100,000 hours of content, which is more than enough to fill up a Netflix style service.
  3. They have experience with online content. Have you downloaded the WWE app yet? If not, Michael Cole is sure to give you a walk through on how to download at least twice a week. Thanks Cole! Seriously though, online makes sense for WWE. They've been getting better and better at it over the years, so let's hope they've perfected it enough for an online network.
My only hope is that they have a wide and varied enough distribution platform. In order to be successful, they will need to have this on AppleTV, Roku, XBox, Playstation, and downloadable for various smart TV's.

Let the countdown begin!