Saturday, October 2, 2010

Apple TV + EyeTV = Ultimate Home Entertainment Experience!


The new Apple TV is on the verge of being jailbroken. Just like the iPhone before it, this will lead to an explosion of new apps ready to be installed on the tiny device from Apple. What do I think the killer app could be? EyeTV.

Elgato has been making hardware and software for recording TV on the Mac for years now, but you've always had to watch it on your Mac unless you had your Mac hooked up to your TV. Lets face it, who wants a 23" iMac hooked up to their 50" TV? Not me. This is where the Apple TV comes in.

The new Apple TV is the real game changer here. Once it is jailbroken, someone could potentially write an app that would allow for streaming of your EyeTV recorded content to the device. Elgato already has an app that does this for the iPad. The app allows for the viewing of live TV, recorded TV, and managing the schedule of recordings.

This would be the ultimate set up. You could have your iMac or Mac Pro loaded with storage and hooked up to an EyeTV in one room, and the small, barely noticeable Apple TV hooked up to your big screen, streaming your live content and recordings. With the price of the Apple TV, you could have a second unit hooked up to your TV in the kitchen or bedroom, to allow you to pause live TV in one room and resume in another. The possibilities are endless.

Even better, Steve Jobs himself said that an Apple TV app store could launch when the time is right, leading the way for Elgato to port their existing app to the Apple TV.

Truly, this will be the ultimate home entertainment experience!