Monday, May 16, 2011

Hulkamania hits Brantford Ontario - May 14, 2011

On Saturday, May 14, 2011, Hulk Hogan came to the Brantford Civic Centre in Brantford Ontario for the CWI Brawl at the Bush.

The card was full of wrestlings past greats, including the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, Virgil, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, the Nasty Boys, Leaping Lanny Pofo, X-Pac, Tatanka, Steve Corino and more. Also, Kevin Nash challenged Scott Steiner for the CWI championship.

Nash lost the match after Steiner blasted him in the face with the championship belt while the ref was knocked out of the ring.

The main event was a "Legends Survivor Series Tag Match," with the Million Dollar team consisting of Virgil, the Nasty Boys, and Big Daddy Hammer vs "Team Beefcake" consisting of Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Bushwacker Luke, Leaping Lanny Pofo and CK Sexx. Members of each team were eliminated one by one until it came down to Sags of the Nasty Boys and Beefcake. At this point, Knobs jumped back in the ring to double team Beefcake, and that's when Hulk Hogan came out to make the big save!
Dibiase tried to stop Hogan before he got to the ring, but Hogan decked him with a fist on his way to the ring. The Hulkster than got in the ring, tore his shirt off, and laid a beat down on the Nasty Boys.
Beefcake won the match with a sleeper hold, and the had a pose down session in the ring with Hogan.

Hogan about to lay the Smackdown on the Nasty Boys

Hogan and Beefcake have a pose down to send the fans home happy.

In his picture, you can seen Hulk's new "Immortal" tattoo, along with his back surgery scars.

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