Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Watchmen

I finally booked some free time to watch the directors cut of The Watchmen. I've read many conflicting reviews for this movie. Many people hate it, and few seem to love it. I think I fall in the minority. I won't say that I loved it, but I certainly didn't hate it.

I thought the movie was well done. Granted, I haven't read the graphic novel, so I can't make the same comparison that everyone else has been making.

Since I'm new to the story, I was genuinely surprised by the plot twists and the way things unfolded.

The special effects were good, the characters were interesting, and I enjoyed the darker tone and social commentary presented.

If you haven't read the graphic novel, watch this movie with an open mind and don't expect it to be the X-Men. As for me, I'm going to track down a copy of the graphic novel.