Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One of 2 million. I'm now an iPad owner!

Remember that post about converting my net book to Ubuntu Linux? Well, I think that net book might be up for sale soon, as I am now the proud owner of a brand new 64GB wifi + 3G iPad!

It wS a little bit of an impulse buy, since all of the other models were sold out. Looking back on it though, I'm glad. I got the 64GB version. After loading a bunch of my iPhoto albums on to it, and downloading some apps (like the 500MB Wired magazine app) I'm glad I have all of that space.

Speaking of apps, their are some truly cool iPad specific apps. Wired is one of them. It's like the actual magazine, but better. Some people out the are complaining that it isn't interactive enough, but as a former graphic designer for print publications, I can say I'm more than happy and I,pressed with the first issue, and I'm looking forward to see what their future issues will look like. I'm also hoping for a $20 a year subscription, which would keep me coming back for more and make me renew the subscription that I cancelled for their print magazine.

Other apps that have rally impressed me include the Marvel comics app. This is the future of comic books. The images are so vivid and vibrant on the screen that the artwork really pops out at you. I love it.

One disappointment for me was Apples iBooks store. Being from Canada, we can only download free books. Sounds great, right? Well it's not, because the selection is just not there. I found myself downloading Amazons Kindle app, which has really blown me away. The selection is great, and thanks to their "whisper net" if I start reading something on my iPad, I can continue reading from the same place on my iPhone, iPod or computer. Very cool. I'm definitely going to be buying some books from the Kindle book store.

I haven't installed the SIM card yet, as I'm primarily using this thing at home. The reason why I went with the 3G was so that I can get cheap data while I'm traveling to Florida on vacation, which has become a yearly tradition of mine now.

Anyways, I'll be back with some more thoughts on this later. I have to try out a few more things.

Oh by the way, this entire blogpost? Written on my new iPad!