Sunday, June 19, 2011

No Ryder on RAW, riot in Vancouver

I was one of the millions..... and millions of the Zack Ryder fans who were disappointed by the lack of Ryder on RAW. The story on some of the wrestling news sites says that WWE was afraid that Ryder would get a bigger reaction from his home town crowd than some of the wrestlers they're actually trying to push right now.
However, it appears that fans did not riot immediately after RAW on Monday as Zack had called for. No, they stewed for two days, flew to Vancouver, and rioted all over the place under the guise of the Canucks losing out on the Stanley Cup on Wednesday.
Ryder or riot indeed.
Zack Ryder fans go ballistic in Vancouver after WWE didn't put Ryder on RAW in Long Island.
And for the record, I was cheering for Boston during the Stanley Cup Finals.
Tim Thomas is a machine!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ryder or Riot!

Tonight is Zack Ryder's big night on RAW! Maybe.......

Tonight, RAW is live from Long Island, home of Long Island Ice Z himself. Ryder, who has been a YouTube sensation with his weekly web series Z! True Long Island Story has been promoting this week as "Ryder or Riot," complete with his own Rocky style training montage in episode 17.

Here is my prediction for the future of Ryder's web series: I think he will be moving from YouTube to Why do I think this? A couple episodes ago, Ryder received an e-mail from the Anonymous Superstars General Manager (cause he's not on RAW, get it?) saying that Ryder's show will be moving to a different website.

If you look at the YouTube stats, Ryder's show is consistently getting huge numbers week after week. Even if this show started as a Zack Ryder pet project to entertain the fans because he never receives any TV time, I believe WWE has smartened up to his show and wants to capitalize on it. Bringing it to would increase traffic to their site, which they are constantly trying to improve.

Having said that, I believe that move would also damage the show, as Ryder would be on a tighter WWE lease.

Time will tell what happens to Z! True Long Island Story, but my prediction is it will be a exclusive by the end of August, if not sooner.