Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Undertaker Returns - BALD!

So the Undertaker is back, and he's definitley hiding something.... his bald head!
You see, the Undertaker shaved his head during his time off in the last year. Mist people thought he'd start to grow his hair back by this time, and maybe return with extensions. But he didn't.
Instead, he returned the night after the Royal Rumble wearing a pretty horrible wig to challenge Triple H to a match at Wrestlemania. Then he dissapeared for another two weeks, just showing vignettes of him reminiscing about last years match with Triple H. The final vignette had Undertaker so obsessed with revenge that he pulled out a switchblade and began chopping at his hair.
Which brings us to this week. Undertaker came out wearing a hood which was strategically placed to not show the sides of his head. It's pretty obvious that he's bald under there, but it looks like they are waiting for a big reveal moment.
Let's hope they do it sometime soon, because I think it will take people a bit if time to get use to a bald Undertaker.

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