Sunday, June 19, 2011

No Ryder on RAW, riot in Vancouver

I was one of the millions..... and millions of the Zack Ryder fans who were disappointed by the lack of Ryder on RAW. The story on some of the wrestling news sites says that WWE was afraid that Ryder would get a bigger reaction from his home town crowd than some of the wrestlers they're actually trying to push right now.
However, it appears that fans did not riot immediately after RAW on Monday as Zack had called for. No, they stewed for two days, flew to Vancouver, and rioted all over the place under the guise of the Canucks losing out on the Stanley Cup on Wednesday.
Ryder or riot indeed.
Zack Ryder fans go ballistic in Vancouver after WWE didn't put Ryder on RAW in Long Island.
And for the record, I was cheering for Boston during the Stanley Cup Finals.
Tim Thomas is a machine!

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